Signs that you’re getting ready to have a drain problem:

  • Excess air in the drainage system will cause water to bubble up in different parts of your drainage system
  • · When you’re draining water, for example, if you flush the toilet and the shower drain gurgles or you’re using your washing machine and the toilet bubbles it suggests that there is an issue in your sewer line that is forcing the water to back up.

Call a professional drain cleaner. If you are experiencing a drain clog of any sort. We suggest that you stop the use of your system immediately and contact a professional before the problem gets out of hand.

Call Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC. We offer emergency drain cleaning services and are on call to assist you with any drainage needs or concerns. Call us today at 765-282-8052 and remember Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC can fix it!

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