Drain Cleaning, Unclogging, and Maintenance

If drains handled clear water only, they’d work great all the time. But household drains are required to deal with soap, grease, hair, dirt, and all sorts of items that can clog them up. Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC will have the training and tools to handle any kind of drain cleaning service to get all your drains cleaned and working properly again. From sinks, showers, and bathtubs to toilets and floor drains, we can make sure all your drains are doing their job.

Drain Cleaning

Part of keeping your drains in good condition is making sure they are cleaned regularly. In addition to water, the drains and pipes in your house also have to stand up against food debris, grease, soap, and hair, so it makes sense that they’d need a good cleaning once in a while. If you’re noticing your sinks aren’t draining as quickly as they used to, give Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC a call. We have options that can help.

No matter the drain, count on us to keep it flowing

It’s not hard to spot a clogged sink or bathtub. If your kitchen or bathroom sinks are slow to drain and emit a foul smell, you’ll know it’s time to invest a little time in cleaning your drains. Avoid the need for extensive repairs by maintaining on a regular basis, or opt for our high-pressure cleaning process to get your lines running like new again.

Our plumbing drain service can improve the performance of a number of different types of drains, including:

  • Kitchen drains: Through our kitchen drain cleaning, get rid of the soap, grease, and food buildup so you can get back to your routine without waiting for slow water to drain.
  • Toilet drains: Clogs are the most common culprit of toilet malfunctions, but if you’re having issues with both your toilet and your sink, it could be caused by a sludgy buildup in the pipes. Talk to us about toilet drain cleaning today.
  • Shower/tub drains: Hair can get tangled up in your drains and soap scum can build up on pipe walls causing water from your bath or shower to drain slowly.
  • Bathroom sink drains: Toothpaste and soap can build up in your drains, obstructing steady water flow. If you ever lose a piece of jewelry down the sink drain, stop running water immediately and give ARS/Rescue Rooter a call to retrieve it.
  • Floor drains: Some laundry rooms, basements, and garages have floor drains to prevent flooding. To help prevent future floor drain cleaning, you can keep it free of debris to encourage proper draining.

Video pipe inspection

Video pipe inspection is the new way to check inside of pipes in your home or business. This method of pipe inspection is commonly used for pipes with small diameters with modern video technology. The interior of a pipe may be inspected without digging and taking the pipe apart. This can save a tremendous amount of money in labor cost particularly in commercial operations that have a lot of pipes. Gregory‘s Sewer and Drain Cleaning LLC specializes in this field. Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology to get the job done quick and efficiently.

Why are video pipes inspections needed? The primary purpose of using video for pipe inspections is to visually check the condition of the inside of pipe this technology saves you from having to dig up pipes to inspect them Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC uses video inspection so that estimates can be made to determine what is wrong with the pipe and whether or not it will need to be dug up to fix it the pipe video will provide accurate information that will result in less costly and more precise repairs.

Snake Drain Cleaning

Snake drain cleaning uses a thick long tool that is able to move through plumbing pipes easy due to its flexibility. This is also known as a plumbing snake device. This device has on one end a cutter that is the more flexible and is placed inside the drain. The machine is used to send the snake further down the drain until it reaches the clog to cut it free. The movement of the drilling is able to effectively remove the clogs and clumps to allow free flow of water again.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the use of high pressure water systems to unclog blocked drains. The hose, that is placed inside the drain, can produce up to 4000 psi inside the drain itself. Hydro jetting is beneficial because it is able to blast through clogs of hair, food and grease due to the high pressure.

How to avoid clogged pipes

Gregory‘s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC recommends a few tips to avoid clogging your pipes:

  • Avoid flushing anything down your toilet besides toilet paper
  • Never put wet wipes or baby wipes down the toilet
  • Don’t put grease, rice, or eggshells down your garbage disposal.

Signs that you’re getting ready to have a drainage problem:

  • Excess air in the drainage system will cause water to bubble up in different parts of your system
  •  When you’re draining water, for example, if you flush the toilet and the shower drain gurgles or you’re using your washing machine and the toilet bubbles it suggests that there is an issue in your sewer line that is forcing the water to back up.

Call a professional drain cleaner. If you are experiencing a drain clog of any sort we suggest that you stop the use of your system immediately and contact a professional before the problem gets out of hand. Call Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC. We offer emergency drain cleaning services and are on call to assist you with any sewage and drain needs or concerns. Call us today at 765-282-8052 and remember Gregory’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning LLC can fix it!